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“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating
the needs of his guests.”
—Charles Eames

Open Plan was founded in Seattle in 2004. Historically, Seattle has had many large, world renowned companies headquartered in and around it. Innovation and forward thinking has always been at the center of the Pacific Northwest’s diverse culture. We have watched the Puget Sound grow and change and we have grown and changed along with it.


Through the ups and downs, Open Plan has helped companies grow both locally and around the country offering state-of-the-art furniture solutions that fit the time and economy. We have always considered ourselves a “boutique” furniture vendor. Every project we work on involves one-on-one engagement with the client.


All companies have a common vision. They all have a budget and they all want the best looking space possible.  We are experts at evaluating and guiding clients with a successful new furniture plan while meeting their time-line and head-count. We are both humbled and proud to have furnished millions of square feet of office solutions with our products and services since our inception. We look forward to helping furnish your dream.

Mission Statement:

Open Plan’s commitment to our customers is the foundation of our existence. As a service oriented dealer, our people, experience, technology, and service offerings are specifically developed to meet your current and future workplace needs. We make the promise to answer your call and resolve any issues promptly.  We see our products and services as long-term investments that add value to our clients’ work environments by increasing efficiency, maximizing spatial requirements, boosting employee morale and enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance of their spaces.

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